FINGER is the musical performance duo of Julie Baldridge and Jeppa K Hall. Their songs are haunting madrigals about sex, death and produce, combining eerie vocal harmonies with Julie’s one-woman-band accompaniment (violin, banjo, percussion) and Jeppa’s otherworldly theatrics. Free from amplification or effects, the duo's performances are raw, twisted experiments with story and sound, recalling old-fashioned murder ballads, folk music, and avant-garde death metal. Finger reinvents the tradition of the wandering balladeer to form a new, psychedelic, feminine perspective, tinged with victorian surrealism.

Julie Baldridge is a violinist, songwriter and instrumentalist based in Seattle, Washington. A versatile violinist, her genre-spanning oeuvre includes heavy progressive rock and free improvised music to traditional Irish folk music. Early instruction through the Suzuki method for violin led to an interest in Irish fiddle. Later, the playing of Bellingham, WA experimental violinist Michael Griffin forever changed her approach to the instrument. She performs with several groups in the Seattle area: Sugar Skulls, FINGER, Bucharest Drinking Team,Erin McNamee Band, Halo Vest, The Jamisons, Broccoli Rocket, Accidental Rhino, and Monktail Creative Music Concern.

Jeppa K Hall is an innovative vocalist, musician, songwriter and performance artist based in Seattle, Washington. Through her music projects Goatgirl, FINGER, and her alter ego Queen Shmooquan, she manifests unusual stories and sounds. Jeppa's performances are experiences that merge pop-art clowning with multimedia performance art, music, non-linear storytelling, and social satire to create thought provoking, hilarious music and theater that push the boundaries of contemporary and traditional performance mediums.